Program of Study

Program Summary

The Master of Education degree in Physical Education is a 33 credit hour program. All degree candidates must successfully pass a culminating written comprehensive examination and achieve a minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA to graduate. Two courses using web technology (blackboard and other on-line resources) will be offered every semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) and the entire degree program can be completed in a two year period.

Program of Study

Required Courses (33)

  • HHPR 5353, Research in HHPR
  • PHED 5253 The Physical Education Curriculum
  • PHED 5273 Professional Issues in Physical Education and Sport
  • PHED 5313 Risk Management in Physical Education and Athletics
  • PHED 5243 Sport Skill Assessment and Instructional Strategies
  • PHED 5553 Scientific Principles of Movement and Performance
  • PHED 5643 Motor Learning
  • KINS 5753 Sport Psychology
  • KINS 605V Independent Study
  • PHED 6363 Supervision in Physical Education
  • PHED 5803 Measurement and Assessment in Physical Education

Please refer to the Catalog for course descriptions

Physical Education MEd Manual