Schedule of Courses

Please refer to the Catalog for course descriptions

Students can enter the program at any time. Courses are offered once per year. Students should take the six courses listed as "Year One" before proceeding to the five courses listed as "Year Two".


  • PHED 5273 Professional Issues in Physical Education and Sport (Year One)
  • PHED 5253 The Physical Education Curriculum (Year One)
  • KINS 5753 Sport Psychology (Year Two)


  • HHPR 5353 Research in HHPR (Year One)
  • KINS 5643 Motor Learning (Year One)
  • PHED 6363 Supervision in Physical Education (Year Two)
  • KINS 605V Independent Study* (Year Two)


  • PHED 5553 Scientific Principles of Movement and Performance (Year One)
  • PHED 5243 Sport Skill Assessment and Instructional Strategies (Year One)
  • PHED 5313 Risk Management in Physical Education and Athletics (Year Two)
  • PHED 5803 Measurement and Assessment in Physical Education (Year Two)


  • *Note: KINS 605V will include a project and series of capstone questions. This serves as your comprehensive exam. The final report from this project will be reviewed by three faculty members.