M.S. in Kinesiology

The master of science degree in kinesiology offers concentrations in two areas of study:

The exercise science concentration prepares students with the advanced knowledge and skills needed to become American College of Sports Medicine certified fitness directors (supervisory status).

Graduates of the adapted movement science concentration possess the competencies that will enable them to effectively work in either hospital or clinical environments with people who have disabilities.

Master's level graduate students in kinesiology are required to complete a six credit hour research and statistics core in conjunction with a strong kinesiology core of classes in either exercise science or adapted movement science. Students also have the opportunity to enroll in interdisciplinary classes in animal science, biological sciences, education, and even engineering to supplement their overall learning experience.

Graduate students are provided the opportunity to connect classroom learning with actual research or "service learning" through courses such as independent research, dissertation research, laboratory practicums, and internships (Fitness for Fun, Fitness Clubs, Bolivia Internship Program). Typically, kinesiology graduate students also take a computer and grant writing class to supplement their learning experience.

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