Accelerated Master's Program

Students listen to lecture in Exercise Science.

Our accelerated master's (4+1) program is a five-year strategic program to earn a bachelor's and a master's in Exercise Science at once.

The Accelerated Master's (4+1) — Bachelor's to Master’s in Exercise Science — is designed to prepare qualified students for graduate work in Exercise Science, leading to both a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a Master of Science in Exercise Science. As a graduate, you’ll have gained advanced knowledge and skills needed to become an exercise physiologist, an American College of Sports Medicine certified fitness director (supervisory status), cardiac rehabilitation specialist, strength and conditioning coach, and many other positions.

The Master’s Program in Exercise Science provides an expansive study of physiology, biomechanics, sport psychology and physical activity. Students can study the mechanics, responses and adaptations to training that relate to promoting health, preventing disease and enhancing performance. Graduates will understand how exercise enhances human function and capacity through current research-based curriculum, practical experiences and original research. Students will have access to fully equipped laboratories in the Exercise Science Research Center. The Master of Science in Exercise Science prepares graduates for competitive fields in exercise and fitness, strength and conditioning, health and wellness, and health care. This program also prepares students for advanced graduate work including doctoral degrees and clinical/medical training.

The 4+1 program was designed to allow students to gain a bachelor's and master's while saving money and time in the process. This program allows our outstanding undergraduates the opportunity to earn credit toward a graduate degree while they complete the final requirements for their undergraduate degree. Students in the 4+1 program will complete 12 graduate level credits at the undergraduate tuition rates.

Benefits of the Program

  1. One less year of school thus saving you significant amounts of time and money
  2. Twelve of your graduate credit hours at undergraduate tuition rates thus saving you money

Application to the Accelerated Masters (4+1) Degree Program

Applicants to the Exercise Science M.S. (EXSCMS) under the Accelerated Masters (4+1) Program must be a University of Arkansas undergraduate pursuing a bachelor's degree in exercise science, completed at least 60 credit hours toward the EXSCBS degree, have taken or are currently enrolled in EXSC 3153 (Exercise Physiology), and must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25.

All prospective students who apply through the Accelerated Masters (4+1) program are evaluated by the Exercise Science faculty who use a variety of factors including GPA, resume/curriculum vita, 500-word interest statement, and contact information for three references. GRE scores are not required to apply to M.S. program through the 4+1 program.

Graduate Courses Start during Final Undergrad Year

Click for PDF of sample course scheduleAccelerated Masters (4+1) students may take up to 12 hours of graduate coursework (5000 and 6000 level coursework) in the last 12 months of their undergraduate degree that will be counted toward both their B.S. and M.S. degrees. The Graduate Catalog describes the courses.

A sample course schedule plan (PDF) shows one way requirements can be fulfilled.

The five required courses and timing of completion are:

  1. EXSC 5513 — Physiology of Exercise I — fall
  2. EXSC 5593 — Biomechanics I — fall
  3. EXSC 5593 — Advanced Exercise Testing and Prescription — fall
  4. HHPR 5353 — Research in Health, Human Performance and Recreation — fall, spring, summer
  5. ESRM 5393 — Applied Educational Statistics — fall, spring, summer

The final courses that can be taken in the fall or spring — based on availability and in consultation with your graduate advisor — can be chosen from the following (this is not an exhaustive field):

  1. EXSC 5333 — Instrumentation in Biomechanics
  2. EXSC 5353 — Exercise Psychology
  3. EXSC 5453 — Physical Activity and Health
  4. EXSC 5463 — Promoting Physical Activity in the Community
  5. EXSC 5523 — Muscle Metabolism in Exercise
  6. EXSC 5533 — Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
  7. EXSC 5543 — Cardiovascular Function in Exercise
  8. EXSC 5613 — Physical Dimensions of Aging
  9. EXSC 5643 — Advanced Psychology of Sports Injury and Rehabilitation
  10. EXSC 5773 — Performance and Drugs
  11. EXSC 6313 — Muscle Physiology
  12. EXSC 6323 — Biomechanics II
  13. EXSC 6343 — Physiology of Exercise II
  14. EXSC 6443 — Thermoregulation and Fluid Balance

Upon completion of the B.S. degree (including the graduate courses), the Accelerated Masters (4+1) students who have at least an average 3.0 GPA in EXSC and HHPR graduate courses will be accepted by the program faculty into the EXSCMS degree program after admittance into the University of Arkasas Graduate School.

Questions are welcome! Please write to Associate Professor Tyrone Washington, Ph.D.,